Saturday, 6 October 2012

Project 21 - Making figures anonymous

This is an image that I took when I was working on assignment 2. It wasn't suitable to use in the sequence for that set as it is so different from the rest of my people shots. I was quite pleased to catch the butcher just as he leant forward and appeared to meld with the pig's head. I liked it so much I saved it for one of these exercises and it illustrates quite well how to obscure someone's face in an image.

This was taken in Antwerp and shows how to add interest by using a figure in a shot while at the same time making them anonymous by having them facing away from the camera.

Antwerp station again. Most of these images were taken with assignment 4 in mind but then I abandoned the idea before using my Chicago trip instead. I'm starting to think I like them more! This image illustrates a figure in silhouette.

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