Thursday, 15 March 2012

Project 15 - Public space, public activity

For this project I used some more of my London shots that I took during a recent walkabout. Trafalgar square and the nearby streets are a great place to people watch. A lot of people hang out in the square and use it as a meet up point.

Image 1: This girls red trousers caught my attention and the people make a nice grouping to photograph. I like the angles that the three sets of legs make in the composition. From the few minutes that I had to study them it was clear that the hooded girl is obviously the boss of the group. That clearly comes through in this image.

Image 2: I processed this image in black and white as the competing colours didn't help the composition.

Image 3: Taking a break. Photographed just up the road from the square.

Image 4: I spotted this cute couple across the road. The husband(?) is holding his wife's bag while she sorts out her shoe. Very cute.

Image 5: Chatting in the queue around the square.

I need some wide angle images of the square to unify these as a set. As they stand the images don't yet hang together. I'm working on different projects out of sequence at the moment in order to catch up on my three month delay. I will come back and finish this set later.