Friday, 2 March 2012

Project 11 - Standing back

For this project I used my telephoto lens to capture people from a distance. It was a cold grey day in London and as I wandered around I came across some colourful lanterns being set up for Chinese New Year. I moved away to a set of steps leading down to Trafalgar Square and waited for some interesting activity. As usual an assortment of people came and stood by the lanterns but it took some time for anything to catch my eye. Interestingly I knew these compositions would work as I was shooting them. I just got a feeling (like I'm sure most photographers do) that the shot was right. It is the combination of glance, gesture, or just an interesting juxtaposition that makes an image. Henri Cartier Bresson knew what he was talking about...

Image 1 - 82mm

Image 2 - 135mm

Image 3 - 92mm

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