Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Project 3 - Experimenting with Light

For this project I had to find a number of different locations that had different types of light in which to photograph my model. I chose a couple of indoor locations next to a window - one on a sunny day and another in morning sunshine. I also did a session using studio flash with a black backdrop and some outdoor ones too. 

Image 1.  These shots were taken on a cold winter morning. The plain, light-coloured, walls help to bounce the light around and the shadows are not too deep.

Image 2.

Image 3. A session outside on a cloudy but bright day meant that the shadows were again nowhere near as deep as the shots that I took in a previous project with heavy shadows that needed some processing in Photoshop.

Image 4.

Image 5. A session taken at my dining table with some black paper taped over the french doors and a studio flash was used with a softbox. The face is half in shadow here and it took me a while to get my exposures correctly set-up. The problem that I always have indoors is space. The soft box was too close to the subject for but there was no room to move it further away. The highlight on the head is a little too light for my liking even after a RAW adjustment. It would be so nice to have a studio space to be able to move around in and experiment.

Trial and error...

Image 6. This image was taken using natural light on a sunny morning. The light is more pronounced than in image 1&2 and patches of sunlight can be seen on the models face.

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