Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Project 1 Re-try

I have slipped a few weeks behind with my studies for this course. The Christmas break hasn't helped. I decided to have another go at project one as I wasn't entirely satisfied with my efforts before. This time I used a softbox mounted on a stand and a reflector to try and bounce some of the light back up into the face. These shots are okay but I think I still need a lot more practice. Rather than get bogged down though I am going to move on with the projects and try to pick up speed to make up for lost time. 

This is probably my favourite shot of the set. The subject's eyes are looking directly into the lens resulting in a more powerful image. The vertical and horizontal lines of the bookshelf behind his head are a niggle. The room is so small that it is almost impossible to re-position the sitter and I was halfway out the door to get enough distance. I used f5.6 so could have gone with a smaller depth of field I suppose - or maybe darken the line of the shelves a little - maybe I am being too critical. I will come back an take a look at another time. 

I like this shot in B&W and the expression brings out some character in the subject. Shame about the obscured mouth though. This shot would benefit from being re-shot with the clarinet off to the side slightly. Again, the line of the bookcase is annoying but less so than the colour version.

I think that this shot looks a bit posed. I asked the sitter to preparing the clarinet for storage to give him something to do. I need to work on getting the sitter more relaxed.

This close up of the hands doesn't really belong in this project but I liked the shapes so included it anyway.

A shot cropped in a bit closer

The elusive full body shot that has caused me no end of difficulties. I'm still not happy with this one. I will re-visit this at some stage.

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