Monday, 25 March 2013

Results and Last Post

Well, the results are in today for assessment of this module. I'm very pleased with my grade (75%) which is an improvement for the second consecutive year. It is also the first time that I've crossed that elusive barrier into 1st territory. Of course the degree programme is so much more than grades but I am not going to deny that I am very happy that all my hard work for this module paid off - and boy did it feel like I put a monster amount of work in at times - especially on the presentation for assessment. I just need to wait now and see what written advice comes with the official letter. I have an idea what I think I need to work on for the next course and I have already put into action how I want to improve on a couple of my weak areas. I'm also so glad that I have the same tutor for my next module. Keith has been very supportive and helpful with his feedback and this has really helped me to push myself so far this time.

It feels kind of odd coming back here when my new blog is now well underway with PWDP. The link is here by the way:

PWDP - the beautiful ground

This is my last post for this blog.

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