Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Jerwood Drawing Prize 2012 - Jerwood Gallery

I spent an enlightening morning viewing the Jerwood Drawing Prize - Jerwood Gallery in Hastings recently. As well as the many contemporary drawings that were on show I also came across some work involving photography.

The work was a C type print of an empty shop front. The artist had then drawn on the printed surface with black felt tip pen. The image can be seen here:

Insubstantial thing by Shelley Theodore

The artist statement taken from the Jerwood catalogue can be seen below:

I took a photograph of an empty shop front, which I found interesting due to it combining characteristics of the banal and everyday with something unique and dark. I enlarged the photograph and scratched onto the print with a black felt pen adding my intuitive response to the image.

Artist statement, Shelley Theodore.

The marks have, in my mind, made the image darker and more foreboding. Another layer of meaning has been added to the work by interacting with the photograph in this way. I had never considered manipulating a photograph in a physical way before and I have made a note to experiment at some point. Attending an exhibition of mixed media makes me think about many different possibilities with regards to photography. There is physical manipulation of the print like I described above, projection onto different types of surface, video, and creating installation or staged "scenes" to photograph. I am interested in experimenting more as I progress with my studies.

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