Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Jason Evans

My tutor asked me to take a look at the work of photographer Jason Evans. My first impression of the images on his website is that they are vibrant and have a spontaneity to them that reminds me very much of Wolfgang Tillman's work. I like the freshness of the images and feel that my own work could do with a good injection of the same sense of now that comes across in Evans photography. He has a multidisciplinary approach and has done work for fashion, art magazines, album covers, and has also had a number of exhibitions. I'm still absorbing the images at the moment and like Wolfgang Tillmans the style of photography is very different from the kind of work that I'm used to. It does interest me even if I don't fully understand a lot of it. I've noticed a recurring motif of images that appear to be shot through with bullet holes. I need to think about that one.

A link to his website is here - Jason Evans

He also posts an image a day which I will make a point of taking a frequent look - The Daily Nice

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