Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Project 18 - How space changes with light

For this project I chose a suitable location that would be affected by changing light conditions. The time was around late afternoon when I knew that the sun would move across the front of the house and then begin to set as the evening progressed. These images were taken over a period of about 5 hours using the interval timer on my camera (set for every five minutes.) Obviously I have only uploaded a selection of images here.

What I have noticed in the sequence is that two different effects are happening with the light.
  1. The light is slowly darkening as the afternoon moves into early evening.
  2. The sky is sunny with scattered cloud cover and sometimes the image appears to get brighter depending on when the interval timer triggered the camera.
In addition to this the warmer colours are also slowly changing over to colder colours as the sun goes down. The area in the hallway moves further into shadow and different parts of the bed are thrown into prominence whenever the sun directly hits them.

In conclusion it is a good idea to assess the changing light conditions of a room over a period of time. The light can change dramatically and it is very difficult to gauge how this will affect shadows, furniture, and the proportions of a room. All of these factors can enhance or detract from the image. This all of course takes time and planning but with perseverance the effort put in will pay off in the end.

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