Monday, 25 June 2012

Project 16 - Exploring Function

I was going away to Antwerp for a week so took my exercise notes away with me. Whilst there I managed to set aside some time to study and take some images with the exercises in mind. I chose Antwerp Central Station for this exercise as the design encompasses both old and new elements. The station has been extended and has a very grand and ornate entrance hall juxtaposed against much more modern concourses.

I had to analyse an interior and decide how the space was used, who used it, and  how well it was designed. I focused on one particular area - where the train platforms are accessed in the modern part of the building.

I had to draw up a short list:

What I think is important.

  • To my mind the working areas of the station needed to be included in the image more than the fancy marble floor and columns of the entrance.
  • It was important to show the multi levelled element of the station to give an idea of height and depth to the building - also the use of natural light incorporated into the design.
  • I wanted to show people in the space so that the flow of movement as they interacted with the various levels could easily be seen.

What the space ought to be doing.

  • Allow the free flow of commuters, local travellers and employees, through the station in an efficient manner.

How well does it succeed.

  • I think the building does succeed in its intended aim very well. The ability to see the trains and platforms from a great distance enables the traveller to know exactly where they should be in relation to their destination. The levels are also joined up centrally with staircases and banks of escalators so that they can be traversed very quickly.

With this information in mind I then proceeded to make an image to show these characteristics. I adopted a high viewpoint to show the different levels, the flow of people up and down via the linking stairs and escalators and also the train at a platform to indicate the buildings overall function. There is also a vendor with a food booth at the bottom of the first set of stairs indicating the multi use aspect of the station.

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