Thursday, 5 April 2012

Picasso and Modern British Art - Tate Britain

This exhibition took a look at Picasso's work in all it's different phases and showed how it helped to influence the art of contemporary British artists at the time. This is what I found most interesting about the exhibition. My OCA studies have shown that artists do not work in isolation. They are influenced by their culture, global events and the rest of the art world. Nobody works in isolation and a lot of referencing of other artists work takes place. The other artist's work showed alongside this to be true to a more or lesser extent. In some cases to me the works looked almost like subtly altered copies. Where is the dividing line between reference and homage or pastiche?

Some of earlier work of Picasso where he was trying to find his voice was on show. His paintings that almost emulated the Impressionist style go to show that we are all affected by what has gone before and the prevalent ideas and thoughts of our time seep into our consciousness and we can't ignore this.

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